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DO YOU NEED A FREE CAR? This is no joke,it's very real..

Lcollver started this conversation


If you need a free car,there's a good chance you might be able to receive one..

go to FREECHARITYCARS.ORG, read the rules,register and's easy

and you vote for others,they vote for you. Just tell the truth of why you need

a car and how it can change things for you!

Please find me SHEZABLONDE and let me know you're on there,I'll vote for you!


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woman in a shoe   in reply to chcltroses
Like I said with them there has been a few on here that try to get cars from them and not got one after 6 years I didn't tell u all of it and me I wouldn't send some place personal information like medical records and that the other thing they ask for it is mostly for people that's disabled
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chcltroses   in reply to woman in a shoe
i know that which is why i havent been back since. that still doesn't help me get a car. I dont want to depend on the bus or on a taxi or a ride.
I can get insurance at a decent price, my uncle works on cars so i have someone who can repair it. plus im working.
all i need is someone willing to help,
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chcltroses   in reply to ChristinaMK
i applaud you. you are showing you child that you are a great mom because you never gave up. you are fighting and that is what any mom will do. Fight to get back on your feet. you keep doing what you do, god will bless you. Keep fighting for those babies. why not talk to the dad of you three kids and see if they will meet you half way in helping you see the kids
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chcltroses   in reply to Emma79angela
have you tried the social services in your town? or even the division of youth and family services. If they know you are trying and you need help to get both of you out of there they will help you. They gave me furniture when my home had bedbugs, they even got an exterminator there too.
if you choose social services explain your situation and don't stop until someone helps. never give up, even when you feel hopeless, some thing will go right for you
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woman in a shoe   in reply to chcltroses
The person u posted to not been on here for many many years now. For the place u are taking about its a lot more than telling your story u got to get votes u got to tell them how u can put gas in it how u will pay the insurance on it if u need repairs how u will get it fix and a lot more u got to do put the votes is the main one. How do I know there one not to far from me I stop in and ask how there program works
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chcltroses   in reply to Nicky0819
i know the feeling. there's nothing here in new jersey. I google affordable cars and it sent me here
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chcltroses   in reply to madisonw
the only program i know of in Nj is Wheels Appeals, through Love in the name of chirst. The only problem is they havent had any donations for years. so they wont even send out applications.
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chcltroses   in reply to canilla
how did you get your car?
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I signed up for that site years ago. I told my story and my friends, still no car.
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I need a car
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Shezablonde look for me aliciahoffman2012
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canilla   in reply to madisonw
Igot a car cbeap
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I need a car , I have struggled to raise my son that is 3 and I have no help
I need a car to get back and forth to work and take him to dayschool
I cant seem to get ahead , any car would be wonderful
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woman in a shoe   in reply to Nicky0819
Hi the person u posted to not been on here end a very very long time but there no resources that gives away a free car I have been on here for almost a year trying to help the ones that come on here with all the looking up I have done for tham not one helps with a car sorry
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Nicky0819   in reply to sammiejo1992
Ya i know what ur talking about I'm in the same place as u were with the kids and it's hard wend u don't have a car to get them there
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Hi I'm nikki I'm in need for a car I have my learner permit and need a car to go to work and home I have a lil girl and a step son that I care of and I'm on need for a nice car plz help me out
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hello my name is Samantha i am 22 and am going to get my license and am in need of a car to get a job i have 3 step kids that i help take to the doctors and school and have no way of getting there i could really use some help
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Hi my name is sherri m in need of a car its really hard getting around i am a diabetic and need to get to my appointments . please if you can help me get a car thanks :)
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woman in a shoe   in reply to Emma79angela
Hi I am sorry but there no place that give away a free car. If there was u would know about it I have look up help for people on in every state. I have even try helping some in other countys
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If this is real I would like people to know that I am at an extramly low point in my life. I've been struggling desperately to get my son and myself out of a bad situation. I need a car so I can take him to school and myself to work and school. We are stuck in a house I hate my son growing up in, but I rely on their help. I hate this toxic imviorment but I have no other choice. Please, of anyone is listing, please help in any way.
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